Why Custom Concrete Curbing?

Victoria BC Custom Concrete Flowerbed Border

Concrete Curbing Makes Your Life Easier!

Concrete landscape edging reduces mowing and trimming time. Since the edging is continuous, without the spaces necessary between bricks or pavers, no weeds can grow through the concrete, making it an effective weed barrier. You don’t have to weed whack. You can drive your mower up onto the edge of the concrete and cut right around it. Concrete edging is extremely strong, able to withstand loads up to 3,000 psi.

Custom Concrete Landscaping is Quick and Efficient to Install

Creative Curb Design makes Installing concrete borders is easy and fast! There are no forms to build or tear down. We mix the concrete on location with no need for cement trucks on the customer’s property.

There is also no need for deep excavation or extensive disturbance of existing landscaping. Using a sod cutter, we take up the sod and 1½" of topsoil. This provides a level area on which to place the concrete. Most residential applications can be installed in a day or two.

Step 1 of creating a custom concrete curb Step 2 of creating a custom concrete curb Step 3 of creating a custom concrete curb
1) We begin by determining the best design layout of your landscape and can create a brand new garden edge if desired. 2) A trench is dug around the perimeter of the area to be curbed and the curb is laid into the trench using your choice of six available shapes. 3) Using special hand tools, the curb is then colored and textured for an authetic brick or stone finish and stamped with your choice of pattern.

Custom Concrete Landscaping is Versatile

The landscaping done by Creative Curb Design in Victoria, BC is the perfect height, width, and shape for your particular bed or walk. The edging can be custom-colored and stamped to look like brick or flagstone, and can even house rope lighting.

Concrete edging can be applied to residential landscaping as well as larger commercial sites. Almost any size or shape landscape bed can be edged with concrete, even tree rings. It can even act as a barrier so rainwater or irrigation water doesn’t settle against a building’s foundation.

We can make concrete edging do whatever you want it to do, within the bounds of the nature of concrete!

Custom Concrete Landscaping is a Work Of Art

The concrete curb acts as a picture frame that frames the landscape bed. Just as you wouldn’t put a Rembrandt into a plain, skimpy frame, you wouldn’t surround your landscaping with just anything; you would find the appropriate frame.

Curb Profiles and SizingCustom Concrete Landscaping is Durable

Landscape bricks can tip over and break. Concrete edging is one piece and can fit almost any contour. It doesn’t attract insects like landscape timbers or other wood products.

Concrete edging also provides an effective weed barrier, and prevents decorative stone or mulch from spilling onto lawns or driveways. Larger concrete extruding machines are used for applications such as parking lots, street curbs, medians, drive-thru business lanes, school yards, cemeteries, and golf cart paths.

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